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关于COVID-19的新闻有很多。 但是,基本的理解是,这种呼吸系统疾病往往会导致免疫系统较弱的人或其他存在健康问题的人死亡。

So, it’s not surprising that millions of people have suddenly taken an interest in their health and wish to boost their body’s immune systems. If you adopt the needed procedures, the good news is that you can shore up your body’s defenses in a relatively short time.


这里有9种方法向您展示如何在大流行期间增强免疫系统! 这9个增强免疫力的技巧将在整个大流行中为您提供优势。

1. 维生素C

我们所有人都知道,这是抗击感冒和避免流感的最常用维生素。 但是人体没有储存维生素C的能力。因此,您将需要每天摄入维生素C补充剂。 它可以是可咀嚼的片剂,软糖,也可以是溶于水的一种,例如Emergen-C。

During these dangerous times, you’re better off getting your daily dose through a supplement, rather than trying to fulfill your daily needs by guzzling orange juice or gnawing on broccoli.

2。 锌

A frequently disregarded mineral, zinc has a plethora of benefits. Your body can not produce it. You’ll need to proactively consume it.

您可以轻松地在线或离线从保健店购买锌补充剂。 每天只需要一个百分比就可以保持最佳健康水平。

锌将有助于增强您的身体免疫系统,减少炎症,加快愈合并降低与年龄有关的疾病的风险。 现在这尤其重要,因为年龄较大的人更容易感染COVID-19。


3。 益生菌

益生菌将增强您的肠道健康,因此,您的抵抗力将变得更强大。 它有助于抗体的产生,并减少大多数呼吸系统健康问题。 您绝对想食用益生菌。



Garlic is an immunity booster, and the allicin it includes has medical properties. Garlic is one of nature’s most effective foods and it works wonders at avoiding diseases and enhancing general health.

You can get some from a health store and take in a capsule or 2 day-to-day. While eating garlic is great, a supplement is much easier and better since you’ll need to take in a lot of garlic to get the exact same amount of allicin that you receive from a capsule.

You’re trying to ward off COVID-19, not Dracula. An easy to swallow pill will do.


自我隔离并不意味着冬眠。 运动会促进血液循环,增强体力和耐力,从而增强免疫力。

Even if you’re stuck at home, there are tons of home workouts that you can do to get your daily exercise. Go on and attempt house workout programs like P90X or Insanity Max. You’ll be surprised at how challenging these exercises are. 在家中安全舒适地进行锻炼! 与Beachbody on Demand一起燃烧卡路里并增强内啡肽!

请注意,剧烈运动会降低您的免疫力。 因此,每天都要锻炼,但不要过度锻炼。 随着冠状病毒的到来,您不希望身体免疫系统变弱。

If you’re looking for a fantastic workout plan specifically for women, we also recommend Danette May’s 平腹快DVD 她仅在有限的时间内免费提供该服务。 您只需要支付一小笔运费即可。

Aaron and Paul’s 隔离锻炼计划 is also a great choice. In just 90 minutes a week, this online, home workout plan will help you workout without the gym which means you can get in shape, lose weight, & grow stronger during Coronavirus Quarantine.

Exercise to perspire and get your heart pumping, but don’t work yourself daily to a point of exhaustion and tax your main nervous system needlessly.

6。 睡觉

每天获得7至8个小时的睡眠。 休息良好的身体是更健康,更强大的身体。


当您减轻多余的体重时,您的健康状况将会改善。 由于杂货店的所有食品短缺,现在是采取间歇性禁食减肥计划的最佳时机。

Wondering what intermittent fasting is all about? Intermittent fasting primarily isn’t about what you eat…it’s more about when to eat during the day. It is basically an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It doesn’t specify which foods you should eat but rather when you should eat them. In this respect, it’s not a diet in the conventional sense but more accurately described as an eating pattern.

精益快速RFL 是一项很棒的12周间歇性禁食计划,您可以在家中舒适地开始使用。 它带有详细的指南,计算器,培训计划以及更多其他内容,它们向您确切显示了减少体内脂肪,维持肌肉和打造苗条运动的身体所需要做的事情。

如果您遵循适当的饮食计划并朝着理想的体重前进,则您的免疫系统将得到增强,健康状况将得到极大改善。 如果您在减肥计划中吃了沙拉(我们推荐),我们建议您看一下 顶级沙拉酱减肥成分.


戒烟。 尽量减少饮酒。 减少糖的摄入量,并努力戒除可能有的不健康习惯。

It’ll be tough … but that’s to be expected. Welcome the difficulty and overcome it. Once these detrimental habits are removed, you will feel and look like a brand new you.


Fundamental hygiene such as washing your hands regularly, not touching your face when you’re outside and showering the moment you get home are all crucial however easy routines that will boost your body immune system.

When you get home from outside, DO NOT sit on the couch or bed. You don’t understand what germs are on your clothing … and you don’t need to spread them to the other products in your home. Put your clothing in the washing machine right away, take a shower, then put on some clean clothes.

By embracing these 9 tips on how to boost your immune system during a pandemic, you’ll enhance your body’s immunity and offer yourself a fighting chance against COVID-19 or any other disease that tries to settle in your body.


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